USB security: The program doesn't run

A 'Sentinel key not found' message box may be underneath other windows on the desktop.
Click Ok on it, insert the key, and run the program again.

Installing the Sentinel USB driver on a new PC

Black, or black and purple USB keys have a driver in the program's installation folder. There is no need to install this if you have run the program on the computer previously. For a new computer follow the guide below.
Purple only colour USB keys have a driver already with Windows, see 'Installing the USB security key' on the download page.

  • Install the application as usual.
  • Open the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\<application name>
  • Run the file called "Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.5.8.exe", and default options: Yes, Next, Modify, Next, Next, Install, Finish
  • Run the application as usual from its desktop shortcut.

    We intend to make this automatic in future updates.

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