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Applications for mind, body, spirit, and intelligence.
Soul Mirror  Digital clairvoyance.
Biofield Online  All devices online service for Biofield Viewer users.
Light  Next generation social information, also at
Dark  Screen privacy, clear desktop without a lock screen. The least stressful page on the internet. Keep in a tab and use a fullscreen button.

The online world has evolved websites, social media, videos and then apps. The next era is high engagement graphical web services. Be early with Hugeaura. See below for our history of being early, and with high performance graphics.

We turn websites into web applications, directly, and through partners and clients. Click to run, no install, all devices instantly supported, unlimited cloud power, free and monthly subscription high value services and experiences.

Biofield Viewer 3D

Energy vision
Audio 3D music visualiser

Free download
Optimise work energy
and health
Interpretation of markets


Hugeaura history

Hugeaura by John Catchpole, 51, founder of a 1980s fractal publication, early pioneer of 3D graphics GPU chips at Imagination Technologies from 1993, cofounder of the PIP Scanner and Biofield Viewer image enhancement systems. I retired from Imagination at age 29 to become the world's first long distance and duration Digital Nomad in Asia 2001-2019, interpreting markets with Marketmancy and optimising health from 2004 with Timagility. I founded the Light social media and web services platform in 2020.

Researching fractals in 1984 I founded The Fractal Explorers' Club in 1988. Using fractal techniques I created the video technology in 1991 used in the PIP Scanner and Biofield Viewer, with algorithms revealing subtle detail unseen in other systems. This is one of the world's longest selling software systems for 32 years.

3D graphics chips

1993-2001 a member of the original team of seven people at Imagination Technologies at the worldwide beginning of 3D GPUs, developing PowerVR 3D chips used in Sega game machines, and later Apple iPads, iPhones and Android phones.


John is mentioned in these books.
The Dark Side of the Brain, by Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill, 1988, pp90-91 mentions 'computer genius' and published when John aged 17.
Harry Oldfield's Invisible Universe, by Jane and Grant Solomon, 1998, p232
You are perfect. The Satiss System, by Mohamed Satiss, 2022

Jobs and freelancing

As the world's first long dirstance and duration 'digital nomad' I have experienced more than anyone the transition from conventional jobs to freelance work and remote work, pioneering this two decades before lockdowns made 'work from home' famous. We are a hybrid company with a base near Salisbury in UK, and live work streams around the world, in pleasant low cost locations. If you can show you are world class in any aspect of what we do, however small, and are willing to follow the etiquette of good quality full or part time or freelance working, let us know and we will see how fast our interests can converge! We don't have specific vacancies at the moment but get in touch as this can change quickly.

If you're interested in this new way of working, replacing conventional jobs with an integrated home or traveling lifestyle, subscribe to my personal YouTube channel on digital nomad remote working.

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