Recommended computer and video equipment

25 Nov 2018


Windows 10. It also runs fine on Windows 7 and 8.   Running on Apple Mac

If a notebook then Full HD 1920x1080 for high detail, ideally 15".
A Full HD external monitor, using an HDMI cable, can be a more immersive and intuitive experience for clients.

4G memory is ok, just check it can be expanded later. Our software is efficient but a computer can easily fill up running other large programs and websites simultaneously. I use 16G for development and 8G is enough to allow it to sleep with fewer reboots.

CPU: 64 bit (8G+ is always 64 bit) for general software compatibility. Our software runs on both 32 and 64 bit.
I check a CPU on searching in the top right corner for the CPU code for example i3-7130U
Our test machine has CPU Mark 3928. It runs fine at full maximum camera speed and resolution for the c920 camera below.
CPU speed will affect Chakra Mode, but it may help other features in future too.

GPU (graphics processing unit): A computer will have Intel Graphics, AMD or NVidia which are usually faster. All should run the software ok and about the same speed currently, but that may change in future with any higher demanding features.

Three USB ports or an external USB hub. USB 3 is much faster for external hard drives. USB 2 is fine for the Logitech c920 camera, the USB security key and an optional mouse. USB-C may become the standard interface in future.

Warm climate tip: super thin notebooks can overheat, consider an under notebook fan.


We use the Logitech c920 and c922 webcams for accurate real time video. The c922 has a faster frame rate on some PCs.
There is also a '4k Pro' Logitech webcam at about twice the price with higher detail and speed, which we haven't tested but is likely to be good. Let us know if you have experience with this.
There is a wide range of webcams but we find the quality of subtle details which are important for our software varies widely. Any standard USB interface camera will work with the software including non visual frequency cameras such as IR, UV.
For camcorder prerecorded video from the SD card use a yellow/red cable to USB video digitiser converter.

Logitech webcams on
The c920 is often available on Amazon for about £50.

Logitech c920 software tools and driver  Scroll down for 'Logitech Webcam Software'
Logitech c922 software tools and driver  Scroll down for 'Logitech Camera Settings'


Please contact us for the latest, as we are testing a much better light than the Husky.

We usually use a 4 ft full spectrum fluorescent light bulb tube. A stand and careful positioning keeps the light symmetrical and parallel to the camera direction. Setup details and stand examples are given in Thornton's training. A small room usually has enough reflected light from the walls to work well with the tubes. Especially a brightly walled room will act to strengthen the normal light. The program with the Pro button adjusts to low light levels, but a directional light will also help a more symmetrically even image.

The Husky or variant is for demos and events when particularly strong lighting is needed, as there is glare for the person being filmed.
Husky Lumen Multi Directional Light
These are bright, which can be adjusted by moving it further away from the client until the desired default colour bands are achieved.

Background screen

Ideally just a flat white wall will be fine. This is a popular alternative: Lastolite Mini Studio Cube Lite

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