Interpretation of subtle light auras

We have many scientifically understood auras and there are several others believed to exist. They generally reduce in strength with the distance from their source and vary with other conditions. So measuring these auras can reveal information about those conditions.

Auras include gravitational, electromagnetic, and audio such as sound of a heart beat. The warmth from a hot coffee can be felt without touching the cup, and the heat varies with distance as a heat aura. This can be seen with an infra red camera and applies to living things too that generate their own heat, for example thermal imaging in London Zoo.

Variations in the signal strength may indicate location of a fever, headache or other heath effect. This shows that light energy at some frequencies carries information about the wellbeing of a source. Light travelling from an object will also reduce with distance as the it spreads over a wider area the further away it goes, so also has similar behaviour to the other auras.

Auramancy is detecting visible light, and also other frequencies such as infra red or ultraviolet, depending on the camera and filter being used, and is sensitive to effects that other methods miss, particularly subtle changes. It is a contactless technique so much safer and mobile than alternatives such as Kirlian photography.

Some people from the present time back to ancient history have claimed to see coloured auras around people and things, with regions called chakras and the pathways of meridians. There seems to be a consistent tradition but no known scientific basis or measurement has been achieved. I believe this is something we have not yet fully understood and may be related to abstract imagery we form in our minds as part of our ordinary thinking and dreaming process.

These thoughts are not random and so will have meaning. Some of us focus more on the physical world and others will embrace what our minds can creatively receive to a greater degree. The graphical effect is different for each of us as it is not directly connected to our senses of the physical world, and therefore more readily influenced by the spiritual domain, which most of us believe exists and is an active power in our lives.

When used in this context the Auramancy software stimulates our lateral thinking and internal intuition. It can be used as a form of visual astrology that may lead us to suggestions we would never have otherwise thought of and may help determine an understanding.

Here are some 3D aura images taken with this approach.
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