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If you agree to the licence agreement (opens in a new tab) enter the emailed code and click Go.    Recommended equipment

Chrome  When the download has finished click on it's icon to run, then see SmartScreen below.
Firefox  Click 'Save File' in the popup. Press Ctrl-J to view downloads and when it's complete double click on the installer's icon to run.
Microsoft Edge default browser  Click 'Save' in the popup, and then 'Run' when it's finished.  '... is not commonly downloaded' message
Windows Defender SmartScreen  Click 'More info' and 'Run anyway'.


The download is a full installer that will also update an earlier version.
The installer can take up to a minute. When it finishes there's a shortcut on the desktop to run.
You may need to enable the camera, guide here.
If you have any issue installing not listed below email

Online edition

This runs on any of your computers and requires an internet connection to start up.
From version 3.5.3 you can have both online (any computer) and offline (linked to hardware) installed with separate desktop shortcuts.

Offline editions

Offline editions are linked to hardware you own, which may be your computer, which can be changed, or a USB key.

Linking to a computer avoids needing a USB key, and when you upgrade to a new computer that can be enabled in the same way. To register: run the online edition, go to the Info page, click 'Enable offline', and email us for a download code for this computer. Uninstall any USB key version first before installing a computer linked version, in Windows Settings → Apps.

Alternatively order a USB key that allows you to be offline on any number of computers, each computer requiring the key to start the program. To install the USB key edition first uninstall any computer linked edition as above. For the latest purple body USB key Windows will automatically install a driver, either before or after you install the software. Plug it in, and after the "We're setting up Sentinel HL" message wait around 10-20 seconds for "Device is ready, Sentinel HL is set up and ready to go". Then run the installed program. On Windows 8 there's instead a progress icon on the Windows taskbar. The black, or black and purple USB keys have their driver included in the application installation.

Other questions

Recommended computer and video equipment
Camera video doesn't appear
Apple Mac
Logitech c920 software tools and driver  Show all downloads  →  Windows 10  →  download "Camera Settings"
Logitech c922 software tools and driver  "
Where is the downloaded file?
USB security: the program doesn't run
Internet security: the program doesn't run

Installer errors

CONCRT140.dll or MSVCP140.dll or VCRUNTIME140.dll were not found
For previous versions:
'd3dx9_41.dll is either not designed to run on Windows...'
'Cannot load library d3dx9_41.dll'
'Cannot update the program'
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